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Welcome to The SD Branch of NLPM

We welcome you to our website!

The SD League of Postmasters has established this site to keep our members informed of State and National issues.  Feel free to browse our pages and links. Drop us an e-mail!
The National League of Postmasters has served Postmasters for more than 100 years, and we are the only organization founded by Postmasters. Our founder, Oscar Pogue, worked tirelessly to ensure that Postmasters receive civil service protection under the law—something that we take for granted. That same commitment to the welfare of Postmasters, OICs, PMRs and EAS employees continues today, as the LEAGUE represents all its members through alliance with officials of the U.S. Postal Service and members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

The Branch everyone wants to belong to...

State Convention, National Convention, Washington Forum, Area Conference/Forum, Mini-Meetings, Postmaster Networking...just some of the fantastic help available through the League!  Call a neighboring postmaster any time you need help or have a question...We are here for YOU!

Executive Board Members


President:  Arla Patterson, Martin

Exec. Vice-President:  Jo Manke-Rodgers, Murdo

Vice-President: Dena Buchholz, Wanblee

Vice-President: Carla Zuhlsdorf, Box Elder

Vice-President: Diane Hieb, Presho

Vice-President: Colleen Rounds, Union Center

Secretary: Judith Hunt, Rosebud

Treasurer: Syndi Holloman, Harrisburg

President Retirees: Marj Adams, Newell

Retiree Exec. Vice President: Dennis Raml

Retiree Vice President: Beverly Eide, Nisland

Retiree Vice President: Ellie Cotton

Sec. / Treas.:  Bonnie Lange, Sturgis

Past President:  Mary Boydston, New Underwood (retired)

Editor: Carla Zuhlsdorf, Box Elder 

Branch Contact Information

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